Pandore Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
pandore::CollectionA collection of Pandore objects
pandore::DimensionThe base abstract class of all nD-dimensions
pandore::Dimension1dA 1D dimension
pandore::Dimension2dA 2D dimension
pandore::Dimension3dA 3D dimension
pandore::ErrcA type that contains any primitive type value
pandore::GEdgeAn edge between two graph nodes
pandore::GNode< Point >A node of a graph
pandore::Graph2dA 2D graph
pandore::Graph3dA 3D graph
pandore::Imc2d< T >The 2D color image
pandore::Imc3d< T >The 3D color image
pandore::Img1d< T >The 1D gray level image
pandore::Img2d< T >The 2D gray level image
pandore::Img3d< T >The 3D gray level image
pandore::Imx1d< T >The 1D multispectral image
pandore::Imx2d< T >The 2D multispectral image
pandore::Imx3d< T >The 3D multispectral image
pandore::Imx3d< T >::Band1dThe 1D image data
pandore::Imx3d< T >::Band2dThe 2D image data
pandore::Imx3d< T >::Band3dThe 3D image data
pandore::PointThe base abstract class of all nD-points
pandore::Point1dA 1D point
pandore::Point2dA 2D point
pandore::Point3dA 3D point
pandore::Reg1dA 1D region map
pandore::Reg2dA 2D region map
pandore::Reg2d::Band1drThe 1D image data
pandore::Reg3dA 3D region map

The Pantheon project
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