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The Item Macro-Operator


A Macro-Operator is an item which represents a group of items used as a regular item. Like items, it contains input images, mask, parameters, output images, and result value. The macro is defined by its related subgraph of items.




The group of items is composed in the related subgraph (double-click on the item to open the subgraph.)

macro subgraph

The links between inputs, mask, parameter and outputs of the macro are done thanks to the connection slots located at the border of the subgraph:

  • The input data slots of the macro-operator item are located at the left of the subgraph (1).
  • The parameter slots of the macro-operator item are located at the top left of the subgraph (2).
  • The mask slot of the macro-operator item is located at the top of the subgraph (3).
  • The output data slots are located at the bottom right of the subgraph (4). These outputs are the final outputs of the macro-operator item.
  • The output result slot is located at the bottom of the subgraph (5). This value is the final output result of the macro-operator item.


To enable execution, each output as well as the final result must be linked before execution, even directly with inputs slots.

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