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Ariane Item


An Item is an Ariane component used to compose processing chains.


Inputs / Outputs

Inputs and outputs are data files. Input data are taken from output data of other items.


The mask is a region map file that defines the regions on which the operator will operate. However the principle must be implemented by the operator itself (see operator item.)


Parameters are used to tune the behavior of the operator. The type of the parameters are item-dependent. Both numerical value or string are acceptable values.

Result value

Each operator returns a value which must be read by the status program (see Preference Tab Execution).

Contextual menu

The contextual menu can be opened by right-clicking on the item. With this menu, it is possible to select the action to apply on the item.

Property window

The property window allows you to edit the item properties but also to display the input, output data files and the result value.

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