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Examples of image processing

Note that all the examples described here are programmed with Shell scripts and use the Pandore library of operators. Once Pandore installed in your computer, you can type in a shell terminal the commands of the examples described in this page. Or, you can install Ariane and download the workspaces provided with the examples.


  1. Rescaling Image (Digital Zoom)
  2. Correcting Illumination
  3. Detecting Edges
  4. Mathematical Morphology
  5. Evaluation and Ranking of Segmentation Algorithms


  1. Removing Straight Lines
  2. Separating Aggregate of Objects
  3. Detecting License Plate
  4. Scanning Whiteboard Contents
  5. Detecting Text in Still Images
  6. Enhancing X-Ray Images
  7. Removing Moiré Pattern from Scanned Photos
  8. Extracting Urban Areas in Google Maps Aerial Images
  9. Extracting Forest Areas in Google Maps Aerial Images
  10. Extracting Agricultural Fields in Google Maps Aerial Images
  11. Extracting Serous Cell Nuclei
  12. Detecting Template in Image
  13. Detecting Racing bib number

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